MommaShark Press is an indie publishing group dedicated to helping the next generation of “apex” authors publish their books and achieve their goals of generating an income off their own intellectual property: THEIR NOVELS, ART, and EDITING SERVICES! What makes MommaShark Press unique is that it is a group of independent publishing enthusiasts who help one another achieve their dream careers. MommaShark Press makes no profits off their authors, editors, illustrators or other publishing professionals. It is just a group founded by author Jenai M. Marek, best known for her #GupTheSailor novel(s), and fishing blog, MommaShark.com, who decided she wanted to share her experience in self publishing with others interested in jumping into the deep waters of modern publishing!

Jenai M. Marek

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Hello! I’m Jenai M. Marek, and my goal is to create a website for the authors, editors, illustrators and artists who have teamed up to expand their careers in the indie publishing world. At this time, I’m inviting aspiring and new authors, illustrators/artists, and editors to join my group, and exchange their self-publishing knowledge and experiences. This group is called MommaShark Press, because I started my writing career publishing my fishing and motherhood experiences on my blog, MommaShark.com.

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