Hello! I’m Jenai M. Marek, and my goal is to create a website for the authors, editors, illustrators and artists who have teamed up to expand their careers in the indie publishing world. At this time, I’m inviting aspiring and new authors, illustrators/artists, and editors to join my group, and exchange their self-publishing knowledge and experiences. This group is called MommaShark Press, because I started my writing career publishing my fishing and motherhood experiences on my blog,

As my son grew, I decided to write a novel for him. Teaching myself how to publish in a post-Kindle/Amazon/self-publishing industry, I’ve decided it’s time to create a publishing group that doesn’t profit off other people’s success, but rather fosters a community that will never take advantage of its members. That’s what sets MommaShark Press apart from other Independent Publishing companies, yet still provides authors, editors, and illustrators an avenue to generate an income off their intellectual property and services, without sacrificing a portion of their royalties or incomes to the Publishing Group that helps them achieve their goals! Check out the FAQ Page for details on how this is all made possible!


Jenai M. Marek

Author of The Dangerous Voyage of Gup the Sailor

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