Hedvig R.Z. Sjöström

Hedvig is a nonbinary artist working in oils and watercolors (or whatever is available). They specialize in portraits with surreal elements and abnormal colors, resulting in a colorful pop surreal world. Common themes in their art include mental health, queerness, pop/nerd culture and word play. Topics close to their heart. Hedvig currently paints in a studio in the middle of Sweden with three feline assistants. In their teenage years, Hedvig realized that art was serious for them. Focus on painting people and surrealism is also offered. With a teaching degree in art, and having studied art on university level, Hedvig has been freelancing for a year as of the autumn of 2017, with strengths in color and value theory, people and whimsies, and much more. It’s very important for them that their client feels safe and confident in any collaboration.

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Thomas Sjöström

Thomas is a comic book artist and illustrator in his late 20’s. He primarily works in the field of science fiction, in particular drawing robots and superheroes, but is open to work on most things. He works in pencils and inks most often but is known to dabble in colouring, both digitally and traditionally with markers and watercolours. His art has been described as technical and precise with a lot of life to it. The biggest achievements of his career are his work on two exclusive issues of a comic book given out at “RetCon” (The Nordic Transformers Convention) 2017 and ’18, which he also wrote.

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